July 27, 2012 in Quizzes


I love quizzes, and always have. Why? I have no idea. There is just something fun about a question posed in a multiple choice or fill-in-the-bank format. Do I know the answer? Can I figure it out through the process of elimination? If I get them all right can give myself a double fist pump in the air?

I’ll take any kind of quiz (trivia, 80s music, books, movie quotes) but some of my favorites are the ones that claim to be able to tell me something about myself. Quibblo has a Which Jane Austen Character Are You? quiz. Of course, I didn’t need to take that one to know I’m about as close to Elinor from Sense and Sensibility as you can get. Naturally, the Which Jane Austen Man Is For You? was next up on my list. Imagine my surprise when the answer turned out to be Mr. Edward Ferrars! I always did like Hugh Grant…

But I’ll tell you what. If Matthew Macfadyen’s Mr. Darcy asked me to marry him, I wouldn’t say no. I think I could deal with a little misplaced pride if it meant looking into those eyes for the rest of my life.

I had a field day with the Who Do You Write Like? quiz at Cheryl Reif Writes. I  pasted in different writing samples…some humorous, some not…until it turns out that I write like Rudyard Kipling and James Joyce. This frightens me because (a) I was expecting a “Sophie Kinsella” response, and (b) I could never understand James Joyce. Perhaps I need to work on clarity in my writing?

Bolton Carley’s Blog has an amusing exercise in trying to figure out your “ladies-of-a-certain age” name. It’s not a quiz per se, but scrolling down the list of personality traits associated with old-fashioned names (think Esther, Hattie, and Maude) was a hoot. I found about five that suited me in some way, so I might have to be a Southern old lady with multiple names, like Billy Joe Bob, except, you know, the feminine version.

Want to find out your old man name? She has that too!

I loved the purportedly scientific What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Say About You? at Ice Cream Flavorology. My favorite, hands down, is mint chocolate chip ice cream, which means I am

“…ambitious and confident…yet a little skeptical about life. You are a realist who prepares for the future, needing a solid plan to feel secure. While your stubbornness is a business asset, it can add a challenging element to your relationships. Nonetheless, your loyalty, honesty, and dependability create lasting friendships and close family ties.”

Wow…mint chocolate chip ice cream lovers sound great!

Jennifer Chow sent up a wonderful quiz on her blogpost The Animal Inside You. I clicked right on over to The Animal Personality Test, where I read with interest that this quiz could be

“…used to find out how people relate to each other, how they respond to their environment, or how to resolve issues.”

This was right up my alley. I couldn’t wait to take the quiz, so I started right on my iPhone, which I’d like to point out has a tiny screen that doesn’t always show everything there is to see unless I manually scroll around.

I zipped through the quiz and clicked the “Submit” button, anxious to see which of the four animals (lion, otter, beaver, or golden retriever) I was most like. Except…you had to sign up to get your results. (Actually, this is not true. There is a microscopic button that says something like “No, I don’t want to sign up. Just give me my results!” but I didn’t see it because my iPhone screen is tiny.) So, I signed up. Why not? I thought the author of the quiz had some interesting things to say, and perhaps there were more quizzes to be found. Besides, I’ve been signing up for everything lately (Goodreads, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) so what was one more? I did wonder why they needed to know my sexual orientation, but hey, maybe that would help guide me to the appropriate self-assessment quizzes. (Plus, I was on vacation, so I really wasn’t paying that much attention to what I was doing.) Finally, I got my results: Lion, with a hefty dose of Beaver & Golden Retriever thrown in. It sounded about right. And then, I went on my merry way…

Until I started getting emails from strangers that wanted to know more about me. Huh? What was going on?

As it turned out, I had signed up for a dating service, not a quiz site. How embarrassing! I immediately deleted my account and breathed a sigh of relief…until I started getting emails from Match.com.

The lessons I learned are:

  • Before you sign up for something, make sure you know what it is you are signing up for.
  • Don’t sign up for anything on your iPhone.
  • Don’t sign up for anything while sipping cocktails.

Happy Quiz Taking! Feel free to share any of your results in the comments!


May 21, 2012 in Quizzes


Mondays are my favorite day of the week.

They didn’t used to be. I, like so many school-age children, used to think Saturdays were the best: no school, no commitments, just hours of uninterrupted playtime stretching before me. I still like Saturdays quite a bit, although now they’re not commitment free by any means. Baseball, soccer, and basketball games rule this day, and with all 3 of my boys playing, Saturdays tend to be chaotic—in a good way! It is my pleasure to watch every minute of their games, even if it is while standing in the pouring rain.

When I got to college, my favorite day was Friday. Something about waking up on a Friday morning knowing that I had almost made it through another tough week brought the extra jolt of energy I needed to plow through the day ahead. Anticipation was high too: the reward of Friday and Saturday night activities loomed large in my mind. To this day, no matter how long the week has been, I usually find myself with an extra burst of energy on Fridays.

Now, though, my favorite day of the week is Monday. I’ve had the weekend to catch up on some rest, both physically and mentally, so when the alarm clock sounds on Monday morning, I am ready to go. My energy level is high, my list of things to do is long, and the day is filled with nothing but potential.

I power through Mondays, knocking out tasks from my “to do” list leftover from the last week, catching up on laundry and emails, beginning new projects that require a lot of time and energy—I can’t be stopped! Productivity is my middle name on Mondays, and it feels wonderful. I can go to sleep Monday night exhausted but happy, knowing that I’ve accomplished a lot in a mere 17 hours of wakefulness.

It’s an unusual day to be enamored with, for sure. My favorite day of the week is the one in which I do the most work? Might there be something wrong with me?

On a whim, I checked to see what day of the week I was born on: it was a Monday. Coincidence?

Or does it stand to reason that, knowing myself as I do, if I had to face the arduous task of being squeezed mercilessly through a birth canal, I would tackle that task on a Monday?

I found a couple of websites that claimed to attach personality traits to the day of the week you were born on. Well, I was all about that! Read a bunch of questionably-scientific folklore about people born on a particular day of the week and believe it to be true? Count me in!

According to Avalon Numerology:

“Silver charms, especially crescents, will bring you luck if you were born on a Monday. You are likely to have an active imagination, and people find you attractive.”

I like silver, and I definitely have an active imagination. I’m not sure if people find me attractive, but it sounds nice!

This information from Clickastro.com sounds pretty good too:

“The person born [on Monday] will be soft, calm, and truth-loving and have a good personality and strong convictions.”

I could get behind that, even if I’ve never been calm in my life.

I had a lot of (nonproductive) fun seeking out a possible answer of why I like Mondays, but the bottom line is, I just do. Mondays represent a clean slate, opportunities for change and growth, and the spark of new resolve for me. If the week wears me down and I lose sight of what I’m trying to accomplish, I can count on the fact that there’s always another Monday waiting for me on the other side of the weekend to get me back on track.

I’d love to know: What is your favorite day of the week? Does it coincide with the day you were born?


May 7, 2012 in Quizzes


I read an interesting post on Gretchen Rubin’s blog “The Happiness Project” entitled “Quiz: Are you an “Abstainer” or a “Moderator”?” She was referring to how people maintain their self-control in the face of tempting treats.

Moderators don’t deny themselves the occasional indulgence. They say to themselves: “You may have one bowl of ice cream this week, and that’s all,” and they stop at just one! They recognize that it is better to fall off their healthy eating program once in awhile than to give up mint chocolate chip ice cream forever, which makes perfect sense. Facing a future of never eating mint chocolate chip ice cream again seems a little bleak.

Abstainers have to completely deny themselves of the tempting treat because if they open the door to one delectable morsel, it will quickly cascade into a binge. Any measure of their previous self-control will be launched out the window at a high velocity.

Which one am I? Well, it depends on the food.

If I have a healthy relationship with the food item, I can moderate with the best of them. For example, I happily co-exist with ice cream. I love it, but it’s not uncommon for me to find a ¾ full carton in the freezer chock full of ice crystals because I forgot all about it.

But there are those foods I cannot keep in the house…ever. They beckon from their dark and dirty place in the pantry with promises of instant gratification. Never mind the next 24 hours during which I will feel vaguely nauseous and filled with self-loathing. They never seem to mention that in their sales pitch.

Oddly enough, one such item is Frosted Brown Sugar Pop Tarts. I have no idea why. They aren’t chocolate. They aren’t even covered in chocolate.

Sometimes I’ll buy them. For my kids, I’ll say. I’ll set the box on the snack shelf in the pantry where it sits innocuously next to the Goldfish crackers and pretzels. I’ll leave the kitchen, but it’s already too late. They have baited their hooks and are slowly beginning to reel me in.

I start thinking. The box contains 4 silver-foil wrapped packages of 2 pop tarts each, and I have three boys. Naturally, something must be done with the fourth package or a fight will break out. You see, they start out by appealing to my maternal instincts: I have to eat the 4th package to protect my kids.

Then they start to place a little pressure on the line. You don’t need self-control with us, they whisper seductively. That’s what your kids are for. There’s no way you can eat more than one package because your sons will come after you, and in an unpleasant way.

How long has it been since your taste buds lived, they’ll continue relentlessly. All that spinach salad and grilled chicken…please. I’m promising you ecstasy, and you insist on crunching that carrot right in front of me? What happened to you?

And then they start playing dirty: We taste really, really good. We will coat your mouth with a layer of sweet, cinnamon-y gooeyness offset by the crunch of our lightly buttered crust… Remember how it felt the last time you tried us? You know that feeling is illegal in some states…

I practically run to the pantry, rip open the box, and pull out one sleeve of silver packaging. I tear it open and immediately the smell of brown sugar and cinnamon nearly knocks me over. But wait…it’s almost perfect, but not quite. I pop them in the toaster. As soon as they’re done, I lift them out and bring one to my lips, nibbling the edge before I get to the frosting and sugary filling: foreplay. And then, it’s only the inner goodness, the outer frosting, and me.

I eat the entire pop tart, & then the other. That’s all, I tell myself. The rest are for the kids. But the pop tarts and I know it’s over. When the kids get home from school I will have to apologize to them from my bubble of shame, for I will have eaten all eight Pop Tarts. There is no explanation or excuse I can give you to account for this. When it comes to Frosted Brown Sugar Pop Tarts and I, it’s an all or none event. I have be an abstainer; there’s no other choice.

So am I a moderator or an abstainer? It depends on the food.

Which one are you? Are there any foods you can’t keep in the house?