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My name is Muddy Kinzer and there is life after kids! I’m just trying to find my way back into it.

I have survived the landmines of childhood with only one long scar under my chin from the time I realized that “dancing” and “in the shower” don’t mix, and I narrowly escaped the worst possible scenario a teenage girl could imagine, the trifecta of abject humiliation: glasses, braces, and a back brace. (I only had to deal with glasses and the normal braces on your teeth…lucky me.)

I managed to stay alive and unkidnapped despite frequent trips across the border into Tijuana during my college years, although I cannot claim that my working memory has ever been the same.

I got serious and settled myself into five years of post-graduate education to pursue a career I discovered I no longer enjoyed.

So I re-invented myself again into something I did enjoy: being a mother. I have waded neck-deep through the trenches of spit up, dirty diapers, and male infants that pee—a lot—whenever you unfasten their diapers. I’ve stayed up all night with fevers, vomiting, night terrors, and children that just didn’t feel like sleeping, but preferred to exercise their tiny vocal chords instead. I’ve wrestled tiny, albeit freakishly strong, toddlers into car seats and hauled screaming children I pretended weren’t mine out of public domains more times than I can count. In other words, being a mom has been, and continues to be, the most enjoyable and fulfilling thing I have ever done, hands down.

But now my kids are getting older. They don’t need me as much, except for my chauffeuring prowess and my ability to rescue school reports accidentally shipped off into cyberspace. So the time has come to re-invent myself again: to change from being a Mom to being a Mom Plus. (Notice I did not say “plus size.” Must monitor chocolate intake.) The only problem is, I have no idea what this will entail.

All I know for sure is that my family, writing, art, and good chocolate will be a part of my future, and wherever it leads me, I am looking forward to the journey!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Anika says:

    I am sure future holds great things. we need to simply raise our eyes ,hold “it” in hand and keep moving..on and on

  2. Muddy says:

    You’re so right, Anika! Just keep moving forward!

  3. Joy Lennick says:

    Hi Muddy
    I have just read some of your blogs and am enamoured. Putting several decades to one side (I’m mentally 37…) we are SO alike! Family, writing, the arts and chocolate just about sums me up too! I have been writing, it seems, ‘forever’, and intend to do so until ‘whipped away’ by the Grim Reaper, or my faculties disappear. I have recently had my fourth book ‘MY GENTLE WAR’ (Memoir of an Essex Girl) published by WordPlay Publishers (an excellent group I belong to).Last year our anthology ‘Shorts for Autumn’ won the UK ‘Writing’ magazine first prize for a group anthology comp. much to our delight! We have several more ‘on the back burner.’ Would you mind me mentioning you in one of my blogs and quoting a few ‘bits and bobs’ from your work? On a personal note, husband Eric and I have three ‘growed’ sons: two of whom NOW cook well! We and two of the ‘lads’ live on the Costa Blanca coast of Spain; our third son lives in Denmark. I look forward to checking out more of your entertaining, informative, blogs. All power to your writing. Sincerely Joy Lennick

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